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Jason Hernandez

Jason Hernandez

Jason Hernandez — Worship and Music Director and Worship Accompanist

Hometown: Minneapolis. Currently I live in Minnetonka with my wife, Libby.

Why are you at St. Paul’s Lutheran? I started serving God’s church at age 7 and still am. My first positions were as tenor section leader and worship leader. After completing a degree in voice I began conducting and also accompanying. This position is a natural promotion and fulfillment of a call to lead others in one facet of worship. Also, I live very nearby and the proximity to home was important. My own personal beliefs on worship and inclusiveness mirror those of St. Paul’s closely and that is a welcome factor as well.
 What are your other interests and pastimes? When I’m not being a musician I am usually working in the yard, watching home improvement shows or playing video games.

Louise Mollick — Pastor


Pastor Louise Mollick

Hometown: I was born in Columbus, Nebraska and after moving around to a few other places including Plattsburg, NY (the first in my memory) spent most of my school years, grades 3-12, in New City, NY (a suburb of the Big Apple).

Why are you at St. Paul’s Lutheran? I am so incredibly blessed to serve among God’s people as pastor of St. Paul’s, to be invited into the most intimate moments of their lives from birth to death, to share all the joys and sorrows, doubts, fears, and questions, triumphs and celebrations and to see God’s boundless love and amazing grace woven through it all.

 What are your other interests and pastimes? My family which includes my spouse, our three grown children and their spouses, my grandchildren, and my dog, which all  fill my heart to overflowing,  I love to read, knit, walk, bicycle, watch movies, listen to music, meet new people, talk, and above all play, dance and be silly with my grandchildren.