WoW – St. Paul’s WithoutWalls – Now with even fewer walls.

St. Paul’s claimed the WithoutWalls name many years ago, both to identify ourselves as having an intentional, positive focus in the  community outside our walls, and to highlight our commitment to openness.

Yes, most of out ministries have taken place outside our walls.

No, there are no virtual walls separating us from others in the community.

2017 has taken this one step further. The church building has been sold, so now the physical walls are entirely gone.

Of course, in Minnesota, walls are not entirely optional. The WoW faith community gathers for worship on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM within the walls of Open Circle in downtown Hopkins. 

Our service of the people is highly participatory and very personal. Members and visitors alike feel a special embrace as part of the worship experience.

Our service activities have not been affected by this transition because they were already essentially “wall free”.

We continue to be welcoming to all, especially to the LGBTQ community and to other folks who have been hurt or marginalized by the church in the past.

We know that experiences make it hard to re-engage with a community of faith, but we also know that the same folks desperately need a support community.

To that end, we are starting the Open Embrace initiative that will gather at locations like the depot coffee house in Hopkins to create just such a support community, independent of the faith community.